Roast Garlic Hummus

Anyone who knows me knows that I love hummus. I have it most days enjoyed as a dip, spread onto crackers or toast, or thinned to create a sauce for pasta or eaten straight from the tub. This hummus recipe does require some planning as the roasting of the garlic does take some time, however … More Roast Garlic Hummus

Marinara Sauce

Once you make this sauce, you may not want to buy jarred marinara sauce ever again!  I know, that’s a big statement but this sauce is really that good and only a few ingredients. You can double up the recipe and make a big batch to store portions in your freezer then you’ll have marinara … More Marinara Sauce

Herby Avocado Dip

I originally made this dip as an accompaniment to my smokey sweet potato wedges, however, it works well either as a dip or a spread (it’s a great vegan substitute for mayonnaise) and I often make it on a Sunday to be enjoyed during the week with various meals or snacks. I love the pairing … More Herby Avocado Dip

Berry Compote

Four ingredients are all that is needed to make this compote.  Enjoy it swirled through yoghurt, with pancakes, with chia pudding or with my cinnamon-spiced banana french toast. Ingredients -2 cups frozen mixed berries -2 tsp. ground cinnamon -1 star anise -1 Tbsp. maple syrup (optional) How To Make Place the berries in a pan … More Berry Compote

BBQ Sauce

I love this sauce.  I tried a few variations and the recipe below is the best I developed, in my opinion.  I have it with burgers, on sandwiches, wraps, or just as a side for dunking chips into!  It’s really easy to make and doesn’t contain lots of random ingredients that a lot of shop … More BBQ Sauce