Roast Garlic Hummus

Anyone who knows me knows that I love hummus. I have it most days enjoyed as a dip, spread onto crackers or toast, or thinned to create a sauce for pasta or eaten straight from the tub. This hummus recipe does require some planning as the roasting of the garlic does take some time, however … More Roast Garlic Hummus

Herby Avocado Dip

I originally made this dip as an accompaniment to my smokey sweet potato wedges, however, it works well either as a dip or a spread (it’s a great vegan substitute for mayonnaise) and I often make it on a Sunday to be enjoyed during the week with various meals or snacks. I love the pairing … More Herby Avocado Dip

Baba Ganoush

When I lived in the Middle East I discovered so many delicious foods not only from the local region but from India, Thailand and Sri Lanka to name a few.  This dip is a firm favourite of mine.   There seem to be a few variations of it across the Middle East, some with chilli powder, … More Baba Ganoush