BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

A few months ago, when I first started hearing about jackfruit being used as a ‘meat substitute’ in recipes I was very intrigued.  I immediately started googling recipes, looking at pictures on Instagram and reading peoples reviews and it all looked very promising.  I decided to take the plunge and buy a couple of tins. … More BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

BBQ Sauce

I love this sauce.  I tried a few variations and the recipe below is the best I developed, in my opinion.  I have it with burgers, on sandwiches, wraps, or just as a side for dunking chips into!  It’s really easy to make and doesn’t contain lots of random ingredients that a lot of shop … More BBQ Sauce

Fruit Scones

Who would have thought developing a recipe for gluten-free and dairy-free scones would be so challenging?  Not me, that’s for sure, although, I am glad I kept trying and adapting the recipe as the end result was just what I had hoped for. My sister makes delicious scones, both fruit and savoury and whilst we … More Fruit Scones

Mushroom Ragout

This ragout was created at very short notice when I was on holiday and we were having friends over for dinner.   I needed to create something for me to eat whilst everyone else was having a meat based ragout, in recent months I have eliminated meat and poultry from my diet (for a number of … More Mushroom Ragout

Berry & Chia Jam

Sometimes there is nothing better than a couple of slices of toast smothered in jam.  My Gran used to make an amazing raspberry jam that I’d have on toast, scones, swirled into yoghurt..basically I’d try and slather it onto anything it was so good! For this recipe, I’ve suggested up to two tablespoons of maple … More Berry & Chia Jam