Hasselback Potatoes

If a roast potato and a baked potato got together and had a child the result would be a hasselback potato…well at least that’s what I think!

These potatoes are the best of both worlds, lovely and crispy on the outside yet, velvety soft inside.  They are great as a side but also absorb a delicious sauce really well thanks to the slices.

The directions below are for 500g of new potatoes, however, medium-sized potatoes work just as well but there will be an adjustment in cooking time.

Potatoes are a good source of a number of minerals, fibre, vitamin C and B vitamins.  They also contain the amino acid tryptophan which has a calming effect.


-2Tbsp. olive oil

-500g potatoes, cleaned


-fresh rosemary (optional)

How To Make

Pre-heat oven to 200C/400F and set aside a baking sheet.

Place each potato on to a wooden spoon or between 2 chopsticks and cut slices into the potatoes approximately 4-5mm apart, place on the baking sheet.  The spoon or chopsticks will prevent the knife cutting all the way through.  Continue to do this for all the potatoes.

Once all the potatoes have been sliced, take a pastry brush and brush each potato with the olive oil getting in between the slices.  Once all potatoes have been coated in oil, sprinkle over salt and place in the oven for 20 minutes.

Remove the potatoes from the oven after 20 minutes, the slices will have started opening up, brush the potatoes with more oil and sprinkle over the fresh rosemary if using.

Place the potatoes back in the oven and cook for a further 10-20 minutes.  The cooking time will depend on the size of the potatoes you are using.  When done, the potatoes should be browned and soft when poked with a sharp knife.

Remove from the oven and serve immediately.





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