This simple dish is packed full of flavour and a great option for snacks or to begin a meal with.  I also have the bruschetta mix over cooked and cooled pasta, as a topping for a green salad or if I don’t have any bread I use my oatcakes instead.

Basil contains a range of antioxidants which helps to protect the body against free-radical damage.    Additionally, basil helps to aid the digestive system and can be used as a remedy to help headaches and insomnia.  

Serves 4 +


-2 cups of cherry tomatoes, remove seeds (optional) halved or quartered –  or you can use 4 large tomatoes, chopped

-2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

-1 small garlic clove, crushed

-small handful of fresh basil leaves, washed and finely chopped, plus extra for sprinkling on top

-salt to taste

To Serve

-4 slices of good quality gluten-free bread or gluten-free ciabatta, toasted

How To Make

For the bruschetta topping, place all ingredients in a large bowl and gently mix to combine.  Taste the mixture and add more salt and/or garlic to taste.  Set aside

Toast the bread or ciabatta and place on a serving platter once ready – if using gluten-free bread, half the slices or slice into strips before placing on the platter.

Top your toasted bread with some ciabatta or place the toasted bread and bowl of topping on the table for guests to help themselves.




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