Slow Cooker Chicken Broth

Slow Cooker Chicken Broth

Last week I posted the recipe for Slow Cooker Chicken and now here’s what you can do with the leftover carcass.

It seems that bone broth may be the next ‘superfood’ as it appearing everywhere at the minute.  At first, I was really intrigued about all the hype and wondering what was so different about this ‘new’ bone broth as opposed to the broths my Mum and Grandmothers used to make.  Turns out…nothing!

You can add whatever vegetables and seasonings you like to your broth but I will say that it is best to leave it to cook as long as you can.  Some people leave their broth to cook for up to 40 hours but I find 10-12 hours is sufficient!

I’ve only recently started making the broth in the slow cooker and I find it makes it much more gelatinous which is how I like my broth.

I drink broth just as it is or you can use it in soups, stews and for sauteeing vegetables.

Broth is easily digestible and can help the digestive system.  It can also help fight inflammation in the body and additionally inhibits infections from cold and flu viruses.  There is truth to the old myth that chicken soup will help when you have a cold!


-1 chicken carcass (including skin if you haven’t eaten it)

-1 onion, peeled and quartered

-2 sticks of celery, cleaned & halved

-2 carrots, cleaned & halved

-5 or 6 black peppercorns

-2 bay leaves

-3 tsp. ground turmeric (optional)

-1 Tbsp.  dried herbs (I use Bragg’s Organic 24 Herbs & Spices – optional)


How To Make

Place the chicken carcass and all remaining ingredients (except the water) into your slow cooker pot – you may need to do a bit of re-arranging to make sure everything fits.

Fill the slow cooker pot with water until everything is covered but not so high it could spill over.

Cover and cook on low for 10-12 hours.

Once it has finished cooking, drain the broth into a bowl and allow to cool.

Place the bowl of broth in the refrigerator overnight and in the morning skim off the fat layer which will have formed on the surface.

You can either discard of this fat in the bin or store it in a container and use it for cooking.

Divide the broth into suitable containers and store, either in the freezer or refrigerator.



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