Slow Cooker Chicken

Slow Cooker Chicken

Slow cooker chicken has transformed cooking a whole chicken for me.  No more having to keep basting it whilst it’s in the oven, covering it with foil should the skin begin to brown too quickly.  With slow cooker chicken, you literally throw a chicken and a few other ingredients in the pot and forget about it until the timer goes.

I’m a bit hesitant calling this a recipe as it really is super simple but wanted to share it with you.  I have tried cooking the chicken both on the high and low settings and the chicken cooks perfectly on each setting.

The only thing the slow cooker doesn’t give is a crispy skin on the chicken.  I personally am not bothered by this as I don’t like chicken skin, never have.  However, if you do love a crispy chicken skin, I’d recommend putting the chicken under a hot grill once it has finished cooking in the slow cooker to brown and crisp the skin.


-1 organic free range chicken (I usually buy one around 1.5kg)

-1 lemon, quartered

-seasonings/spices of your choice

How To Make

Place 2 quarters of the lemon on the base of your slow cooker pot then put the chicken on top.

Put the 2 remaining quarters around the chicken and season the chicken with your chosen seasonings.

Place the lid on the slow cooker and cook on HIGH for 2-3 hours or LOW for 4-5 hours.  Chicken is done when the juices run clear and the internal temperature is at least 180F/82C.

Once cooked, remove from slow cooker and allow to rest for 10 minutes, covered with foil before carving.



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