A Personal Post

Hello beautiful, healthy people,

I hope you are all well and have been cooking some delicious recipes.

For those of you who subscribe to my website and newsletter or those who are regular followers of my social media accounts you may have noticed that I’ve not posted any content in the past few weeks, well I thought I’d let you know I haven’t disappeared.

My beautiful Mum passed away on the 6th of September and whilst it wasn’t unexpected it has still been a huge, huge loss.  I say it wasn’t unexpected as Mum was diagnosed with early on-set dementia 10 years ago when she was in her early fifties.

As Mum’s decline was very rapid we went through the grieving process all those years ago of losing ‘Mum’, the very essence that made her who she was had gone, but her physical self still remained with us.  And whilst she didn’t know who I was for the last 9 years or so, I could still sit and chat with her and then, when she became bed-ridden, I could read to her, chat about my day or put on her moisturiser.  And now she has passed away we start the mourning process, again.

Her passing has been hard and I still find myself driving past her nursing home thinking I’ll pop in to see her, but I’m sure in time it will get better, just as I’m sure that my memories of Mum before the disease will come back fully and the memories of her battling this horrible disease will fade.  Everything will just take a little time.

As you can imagine I haven’t posted any new content as I haven’t been feeling very creative in the recipe department nor could I think of anything to write about in blog posts.  My enthusiasm for health coaching, food and recipes waned a little and I actually wasn’t sure if I’d stay doing Health Coaching or even creating recipes.  However, after a couple of weeks and some quiet time I’ve realised this is my passion and there’s nothing more I want to do than helping people live the healthiest lives they can and also to get back in the kitchen.

I didn’t know if I was going to write this post but as my work life is on social media I had wanted to share with you the reason for my silence and not to suddenly reappear with no explanation.

So with that being said, I’m back!  Keep a lookout for new recipes and newsletters coming soon.  This is not a job for me as I love it so much and I hope the work I do Health Coaching people and creating recipes will make my Mum proud.





2 thoughts on “A Personal Post

  1. I find myself reading this as I honour the passing of my own mother, who left us in December 2016. She too had dementia, but was able to celebrate her 90th birthday. Brave lady, your journey has been quite different. Your mother was a similar age to what I myself am, and when I try to imagine what such an experience would be like for me and my daughter, words fail me. If it’s any comfort, I have no doubt she would be hugely proud of what you are achieving, as I hope you are as well.

    P.S. I have just tried your potato, kale and sweetcorn chowder – absolutely delicious.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely message. I am sorry for the loss of your mother too, it’s such a horrid disease that takes the very essence of our loved ones right in front of our eyes.
      I am so pleased you enjoyed the chowder, it’s always encouraging to receive feedback on my recipes to know they are being enjoyed by others.
      Thank you again for taking the time to message me.

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