Smoothies or Juice…Which Is Best?

Juices and smoothies are hugely popular these days and are sold at supermarkets and a majority of High Street shops and cafes.  However, there has been a LOT of talk over which is better, or, in fact, if there are any benefits to them.

I like both juices and smoothies and will quite often have a smoothie for breakfast as it is filling plus it is easy to prepare in advance, just pop all your smoothie ingredients in to the blender jug and place in the fridge overnight, then in the morning everything is ready to blend!  This is ideal when mornings are super hectic and you need to grab something quick.

Juices are also lovely.  I love a green juice (when a majority of the ingredients are green) but juices are not filling like smoothies due to there being no fibre as it is stripped away during the juicing process.  However, I particularly enjoy a juice when I feel like I need to get some extra nutrients, particularly if I haven’t been eating too great, then I’ll throw some veggies and an apple or pear into the juicer…I do wish though that there was a fairy that would come and clean my juicer afterwards as that is one of my most despised jobs in the kitchen!!

I have compiled a Pros and Cons list for both below – these lists are not definitive by any means!


Peach Smoothie



  • Retain the fibre which is good for digestive health and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.
  • You can add various healthy ingredients – oats, nuts, nut butters, different nut milks, supplements.
  • Blenders are much cheaper than juicers to buy and easier to clean!


  • Smoothies can be high in calories depending on the ingredients you use.  It’s always best to be mindful of portion sizes.
  • Smoothies which contain more fruits than vegetables can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar so expect a sugar crash later in the day.


Green Juice



  • Juices are quickly and easily digested.
  • You can ‘hide’ lots of vegetables in fruit juices to get a variety in to a picky eaters diet.  Fruit will often mask the taste of the vegetables added.
  • Unlike smoothies where you add milks, nut butters etc. you have more control over the calories of juices as you don’t use the ‘extras’ just the fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  • You can put in large amounts of fruits and vegetables in one juice.


  • Removal of fibre – although the removal of fibre allows for the nutrients to be absorbed more quickly,  you do require fibre for your digestion and a juice won’t keep you feeling full for very long.
  • As it takes quite a lot of fruits and vegetables to make a decent serving size of juice it can be quite expensive if you are not located near a farmer’s market or a good fruit and vegetable shop where prices tend to be lower than supermarkets.  Juicers can also be expensive.
  • Juicing machines take time to clean up (one of the kitchen chores I loathe!) so be prepared for some time to be dedicated to cleaning your machine after you’ve made your wonderful juice.

For smoothie and juice recipes head over to my recipes section.


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