Why Are You Eating That?

Kale, chia, wheatgrass, acai, lucuma powder do any of these sound familiar?  We are constantly bombarded nowadays about what we should be eating for optimal health and it seems every week there is a new ‘superfood’ that we must include in our diet.

I have been guilty of hearing of a new ‘superfood’ going out and buying it, getting home and then I say to myself ‘What the hell do I do with this?’  When wheatgrass was the superfood of choice a few years ago I discovered a company who deliver frozen wheatgrass shots to your house, so I immediately placed an order and had visions of myself enjoying a wheatgrass shot after my yoga practice and looking all glowing and serene.

The reality is, I opened the first shot and smelt the wheatgrass shot and I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy it.  However, I know it takes up to ten times of trying something new for your taste buds to adapt so I decided to give them a try, plus wheatgrass is a SUPERFOOD and it was going to do AMAZING things for my body.

I did my shots consistently for quite a few months (my taste buds hadn’t adapted, I didn’t like the stuff at all!) I tried to add them to smoothies, juices anything to disguise the taste but my taste buds weren’t for changing their minds.

When I had to start to give myself little pep talks before knocking back the wheatgrass shots I knew something had to change.  I mean food is to be enjoyed, I didn’t care if wheatgrass was this amazing superfood I wasn’t enjoying it, in fact I was miserable just thinking I had to take it in the morning and giving yourself a pep talk before taking a food /drink..please, life is too short for this!

The remaining shots went in the bin and my lesson had been learnt.

Just because there is so much hype about a certain food and all the benefits that comes with it, don’t torture yourself by eating it if you don’t enjoy it.  There are so many fruits, veggies, grains etc available to us which all have amazing health benefits that you don’t need to eat the bloody kale if you don’t like it!!

The bottom line is and this is what I tell my clients:  we are all individuals, the foods which work for me and my body may not work for you and your body.  You know your body better than anybody else, listen to it.  If it doesn’t like chia seeds and you don’t enjoy them, don’t eat the chia seeds!!  Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains etc, which you do enjoy to ensure you get all the different nutrients available.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Feel free to leave a comment below or on my Facebook page.

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